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Updated GMSP PRO to 1.4

* Fixed info-windows not being edited when in Text mode. * Fixed export-import to another domain. * Fixed conflict with other plugins enqueuing gmaps API scripts. * Improved icon management. * Code refactoring.

Added Show-Hide Plus

Added Show-Hide/Collapse-Expand + FAQ which is quite a steal at €6,95. The Plus version allows you to: Create great FAQs Initially show content as collapsed or expanded Collapse/Expand as accordion (only one item shown at a time) or show all items a user clicks on...

Updated GMSP PRO to 1.3

* Added marker clustering.     * Added support for thousands of map styles from SnazzyMaps.   * Added the ability to force loading Google Maps API via GMSP (in case of conflicts with your theme or other plugins). * Added custom width for info-windows. * Improved...