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To edit a marker that you already created in Google Maps – Simple Pins PRO, please follow these steps:

edit marker step 1
  1. Go to the Add Marker tab and select the marker you need to edit in the Saved Markers list.
edit marker step 1
2. Refine marker’s position by either dragging it on the map, or by entering new address and clicking Get coordinates.
edit marker step 1
3. Click the   and  links to open the respective edit fields.
edit marker step 4
4. Using the native TinyMCE Editor edit the info-window of your marker. To insert images use the Add Media button.
edit marker step 5

5. By clicking the  link you will be able to edit the icon for your marker. If you need to add more marker icons, save the changes you’ve done so far and switch to the Manage Marker Icons tab to add more predefined icons to your list or upload your own images to be used as marker icons.

edit marker step 6

6. After you are satisfied with the look of your marker click the Save Edited Marker button. If you wish to create a copy of the existing marker, click the Save As New button on the left.

We hope this tutorial helped you to get to know better the functionality of Google Maps – Simple Pins PRO.  Please feel free to post your questions in the comment section below.