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Table of Contents

  1. Description
  2. Main Features
  3. Installation
  4. Quick Start
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Screenshots
  7. Credits

A) Descriptiontop

Google Maps – Simple Pins PRO allows you to insert and manage maps on your website easily and efficiently. Create multiple maps without any limitations. Every map can contain unlimited number of markers. Add info-windows to your markers to make the map more informative. Add styling, images and urls to info-windows. Easily change the size of your info-windows. Add any of 700 predefined marker icons or upload your own. All markers and maps can be edited even when already used in a post, page or sidebar. Maps and markers can be duplicated for your convenience. One page can contain multiple different maps and the same map can be used multiple times. Specify width and height of your map upon inserting, use different sizes for the same map in locations of your choice (different posts, pages, sidebars).

B) Main Featurestop

  • Unlimited maps
  • Unlimited markers (save new marker to markers list and then use it in any map)
  • 700 icons for map markers + upload custom icons
  • Markers animation
  • Markers clustering (grouping)
  • Info-windows for markers
  • TinyMCE editor for info-windows (upload images, add styling, add URLs, add custom html)
  • Change info-window size for every marker individually
  • Refine marker’s position by dragging it to the right place
  • Choose from thousands of map styles available on or select one of eight predefined
  • Edit map and markers anytime
  • Easily insert map into posts and pages with a TinyMCE button and customize the settings in a popup
  • Use in sidebars by inserting the GMSP widget
  • Use shortcode in your php files by calling the do_shortcode() WordPress function
  • Responsive design for your website
  • Intuitive workflow, familiar WordPress design
  • Easy to set center and zoom (scroll/drag)
  • Autofit map option to always zoom and center map on all markers regardless of the map size
  • Geocode addresses (no need to memorize coordinates)
  • Clone markers and maps
  • Export/Import your maps and markers
  • Newest Google Maps API v3
  • 1 year updates
  • 1 year support

C) Installationtop

  1. Upload the plugin files to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/google-maps-simple-pins-pro’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.

D) Quick Starttop

Step 1. Go to Tools>Google Maps Simple Pins PRO and enter your Google Maps API-key. Click Check API key to make sure that Google Maps will work correctly on your website and save it after you receive the API key is valid message. Select the Force loading Google Maps API via this plugin checkbox if your theme or other 3rd party plugins are conflicting with Google Maps Simple Pins PRO and you receive the “Oops.. Something went wrong” message on your website instead of the map.

Step 2. On the Add Marker tab enter the address of your first marker and click Get coordinates. You may refine the position of your marker by zooming in on the map and dragging it to the right position.

Step 3. Add info-window and choose a custom marker icon to make the marker more informative. You can change the width of the info-window by dragging the slider under the info-window editor.

Step 4. Select the marker(s) you need and click Create map with selected.

Step 5. Enter the name for your map and customize the type of your map, center and zoom levels. Save your changes.

Step 6. Insert your map into a post/page with a click of a handy button and specify the needed parameters in the popup: width (% or px) and height (px) of your map, choose if a specific info-window should be opened when map loads, choose whether you want to show map controls (comes handy when your map is small), choose whether you want to disable zoom when scrolling over a map (comes handy when you use a full-width map on a landing page), choose whether to enable marker clustering (comes handy when your map uses a great number of markers). Marker clustering allows for the large amount of markers to be loaded really quick and makes the map with multiple markers easier to read and navigate.

Step 7. Your map on your WordPress website.

E) Frequently Asked Questionstop

I cannot create a map, because I am supposed to enter API key first. Where can I get an API key and why do I need it?

As of June 2016, Google Maps users may only use Google Maps API if they provide a valid API key. This key can be easily acquired if you already have a Google account. Otherwise, you will have to create one. Please follow this link to obtain an API key from Google.

Can I insert the same map into a post and a sidebar widget?

Yes, you can use the same or different maps any number of times in your website.

Can I edit my markers?

Yes, markers can be edited. Please select the needed marker, all the marker details will be populated into the Add/Edit Marker form. Make the needed changes and click “Save Edited Marker” button.

Can I duplicate my markers?

Yes, please select the marker you wish to duplicate and click the “Save As New” button.

Can I duplicate my maps?

Yes, please use the “Clone” button for this purpose. When you are editing the existing map, you will also see the “Save As New” button, which will save all your edits to the new map and leave the original map unchanged.

I need a map of a specified size, can I do this?

Yes, you can specify your custom width and height in “Insert a GMSP map” popup or simply as shortcode parameters. E.g. [gmsp_map id=”gmsp-map-1234567890″ W=”100%” H=”500px”]. Please note that in order for your design to be responsive, you have to set width in percents.

Can I insert urls into info-windows?

Since version 1.2 you can add any possible content in your info-windows using native WordPress Editor (tinyMCE).

Can I edit the size of info-windows?

Since version 1.3 you can edit the width of every info-window with a handy slider right below the info-window editor.

F) Screenshotstop

Add info-windows with style, images, URLs.

Create unlimited number of maps with unlimited number of markers.

Drag the needed icons from the Available Marker Icons list to My Marker Icons. This way they will appear on the Add Marker tab. Upload icons by dragging and dropping them to the Upload field and clicking the “Upload” button.

Apply any of the thousands map styles from

Export your data: markers, maps and settings for backup or transferring to another website.

Perfect for using in full-width layouts.

Enable marker clustering to group markers.

G) Creditstop

Banner image and plugin uses artwork from:

We use Maps Icons Collection for our map pins.

We use Snazzy Maps map styles.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this plugin. As noted at the beginning, we’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this plugin. If you have a more general question relating to the plugin, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the “Item Discussion” section.

Bunte Giraffe

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