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Sort Any Table PRO


Add dynamic sorting to your tables with just a button click. No need to modify html, add css classes or restructure tables. Super-easy, super-fast.


  • Sort ANY table *
  • No need to specify types of data in your table columns
  • No need to modify your tables
  • Sort really big tables super fast
  • Sort data in different languages
  • Sort dates in different formats (e.g. May 9, 2005 or 05/09/2005 or 09-05-2005)
  • Sort money values (like $ or €)
  • Add sorting to multiple tables per page/post
  • Multi-column sorting
  • Add dynamic search to table
  • Use pagination for long tables
  • Does not load external resources
  • Customize pagination
  • Enable/disable search
  • Make tables responsive
  • Interface in your language
  • Regular updates
  • Outstanding support

* We tested our plugin thoroughly, but if you have issues with any type of tables, please contact us.


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