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A great home is much more than a sterile roofed box. Owning and caring for a house is like painting a 3D masterpiece, a reflection of you and your family. You travel through life and the home changes in kind, as you perpetually add layers of personality and pride.

The “finished” product is magic, unique.

Knowing how to begin proves difficult. Many homeowners are paralyzed by choice or inexperience. You must first have form onto which to begin adding those layers.

You need help getting started.


M Group offers expertise in design and creation of structure and layers inside and outside your home. Walls, gates, decks, awnings, pergolas, garden areas and water features outside; windows, shelves, cabinets, surfaces, alcoves, floors and doors inside.

We love creating beautiful spaces and textures for your home and landscaping
We prefer to recycle high character materials where possible
Our communication and performance are rooted in integrity and honesty
We will help you turn your home and land into a distinctively artistic haven, stimulating your peace and focus, and we aim to instruct you on expectations for upkeep and evolution.